A Very Old Review: Lady Bump Stopper

A Very Old Review: Lady Bump Stopper

I think one of the greatest reviews we have gotten for our Lady Bump Stopper Razor Rash Relief actually came in an anonymous submission by a woman, many years ago.

 In her submission, she said, “I think I speak for all women when I say I love to feel smooth skin right after shaving or waxing any part of my body. However, that isn’t necessarily the case because it just so happens that the universe doesn’t work that way.

 You either use a razor and risk having razor bumps or even get a cut or two that leave behind a scar, or you head over to pay a professional to use a painful waxy substance and feel like your hair all grows back within the day or two.

 All I know is that I was definitely skeptical when my friend recommended “Lady Bump Stopper.” I thought to myself, this just can’t be a product that delivers 100% on what it’s supposed to do, but boy was I wrong!

Let’s pause here and rewind to my first day using Lady Bump Stopper two weeks ago. I was still a little iffy on the product. I went on to my usual routine and used my Bic Soleil disposable razor, at this point I even paid attention to what razor I used to see if that might have something to do with my results. Turns out that it didn’t, and the product worked out great every time I used it!”

There was another woman who actually turned in her survey submission after a few weeks of using the product.

This is what she said: “Right after shaving, taking a shower and drying out my underarms with my towel, I went on to the newly added step in my routine and began to shake the Lady Bump Stopper Razor Rash Relief. At the first application of this product, I noticed right away how cooling it is and how refreshed my underarms felt.

I have noticed that it still provides me the cooling feeling and I no longer have as many bumps appear on my underarms as before. It’s even slowed down the rate of hair regrowth more than I have seen it when I would wax at a salon!

 Now you might be reading this and thinking she’s hyping it up too much, but trust me, I too was thinking the same thing. The product definitely delivers what it says it does and I think it is a bonus that the hair regrowth slows down. I noticed that after two weeks of consecutively using the product I was happy with how little I had to shave! I do think it works for other places of the body, and now that I have tried it on my underarms, I will also try it out on the rest of my body!”

We love these kinds of reviews mainly because we like to see people benefit from our products, especially when they start using them not too convinced and end loving them after just a couple of weeks of use!

  If you want to know more about Lady Bump Stopper and its ingredients, click here.

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