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Bodybuilding, Hair, and The Bump Crusher

Bodybuilding, Hair, and The Bump Crusher

As we inch closer to the summertime, it isn’t unusual that we begin to reminisce on our memories from the NPC West Coast Classic back in 2017!

Here is a little back story: The NPC West Coast Classic is a bodybuilding contest expo that showcases the best health and fitness companies in the US. This year, as in 2017, the NPC Classic will have an appearance by fan favorite Jay Cutler! He’s so big that he doesn’t fit on the main page of his website.

The event does not only consist of the bodybuilders presenting their bodies, but they also offer a range of classes for both novice and advanced amateur athletes.

We became a proud sponsor of the event and were very happy to set up our own booth for visitors to stop by. Along with seeing our friendly faces, we were able to give away some samples of our High Time Bump Stopper-2!

Bump Stopper-2 is clinically tested and dermatologist approved, which is a plus on our side because this product has a double strength formula. Which in turn helps our customers with really stubborn and severe razor bumps.

We also released our very own Mascot to hang out with us at our booth while we spent our time at the NPC Classic, “The Bump Crusher”! The name was tough to choose because of all the different suggestions we received if you want to know how he got his name you can read about it here.

Anyways, we had such a great time being a part of the NPC West Coast Classic and successfully met up with a lot of well-known competitors that stopped by our booth! Miguel Aguilar, Sam Setiaboedhi, Ty Bakr and many more passionate competitors for bodybuilding. 

The truth is that bodybuilders use our products more than the regular day-to-day customers who shave their facial hair or underarms. Bodybuilders have to shave, that is just a given, especially if they want to compete. It is okay, we didn’t expect you to notice that all bodybuilders have one thing in common: no body hair! 

The reason why bodybuilders shave everywhere is that they must reveal every curve on their muscles. It’s the best way of displaying what all of their hard work comes down to look like in its purest form.  Despite having to do this multiple times, because let’s face it, hair does grow back, unfortunately.

It is especially critical for male bodybuilders because by nature they are just much hairier than women, thus even using multiple razors to shave before a competition. This is especially prevalent for men because it is uncommon for them to reach over for a razor and have to deal with razor bumps or rashes anywhere besides their faces. However, it all does come down to a good cause; the looks of the muscular body at its prime at the competition.

So yes, bodybuilding does come at a price, a pretty hairy one I might say. But luckily these bodybuilders have Bump Stopper-2 to rely on right before their future competitions! If you’re interested in more information about this year’s competition you check it all out here!


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