Fear of Shaving

Fear of Shaving

You let that incipient mustache grow over the course of summer. You surprised some of your classmates with your facial hair. Some of the ladies said something about it. You were pleased.

Now it's taking a life of its own, and you need to take control.

The problem is, nobody ever told you HOW to gain control of your face!
Fear no more, as I have 3 easy tips to help you in your transition from hairless dude with the eternal muzzle to shaved dude, to, if you so desire, facially haired dude!
First lets debunk a very common myth: Hair will not, I repeat, will not grow back thicker and stronger. You are just cutting your facial hair, not doing anything to the hair bulb or the matrix (that's where hair comes from underneath your skin)
The more you shave, the better you get at it, like in anything else! 
Now we can go to...
Tip #1: Buy the best razor you can afford, and replace it as soon as you feel a difference in performance. A cheap or of low quality razor will provide you with a mediocre shave, and a bonus: a rash! 
Avoid 4, 5 or 6 blade razors as the only thing they will give you more of is skin-contact, thus more irritation. A 2 or 3 blade razor is more than enough and will do a superb job!
If you don't believe me ask grandpa and listen to an hour long speech that will probably start like this: "In my times we didn't have 6 blade razors. Or shaving oils and gels! Heck we didn't even had hot water! But we managed and looked great every single morning!"
Good luck with that...
Tip # 2: Experiment with different products. Nowadays, there is a product for everyone!
Shaving Cream. Shaving Gel. Shaving Oil. Shaving Soap. Pre Shave Oil. Shave Tonic. Aftershave. Beard Wash. And the list goes on....
Take some time and find what products or combination of products works for you.
Start with the basics, a good razor, shaving cream and an aftershave. See how it goes.
If you have sensitive skin, try using Shaving Oil and Shaving Gel, in my experience a great combination to start shaving. The oil applied over the wet, hot skin will lubricate it, making the razor glide over, cutting the hair right above the skin.
The shaving gel will soften the hair making it even easier for the razor to cut it. Gel will stay moist longer than cream.
Tip #3: Treat your skin before and after shaving. This may sound obvious but most people don't do it!
How many grown ups you know that have these incredible razor bumps in the neck? They should know better, right?
Apply a treatment right after shaving to prevent razor bumps and rash. Treat your skin every day to prevent irritation later when shaving.
Even better, why don't you use a shaving gel, or cream that is also a razor bump treatment!
Bump Stopper makes several products for shaving and treatment, all made in the USA and formulated to maximize the shaving experience while eliminating razor bumps and rash.
Try our Shaving Gel / Bump Stopper-2 for stubborn bumps. If you have sensitive skin try Bump Stopper Shaving Gel or Cream / Bump Stopper Treatment for Sensitive Skin.
Liquid Bump Stopper is a great treatment for stand alone use or in combination with any shaving cream or gel, whether is Bump Stopper brand or not doesn't matter.
Your skin matters.


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