Four Shaving Tricks You Need to Know!

Four Shaving Tricks You Need to Know!

There are over 7 billion people on the world today, and a little over half of them are men. 

In America 75% of men shave daily, and there is a large number of men who shave more than their face. This makes for almost 80,000,000 men who have to make many decisions related with this common task. 
If I tell you that there are 80 million different ways to shave you would think I'm exaggerating at best or that I'm crazy at worst! But the truth is that, even though all men shave in basically the same way, not two do it in the exact same way.

The variety in techniques, products and different types of hair and skin make it so that the combinations are almost infinite, which is great news for us men: Why go through a journey of discovery that could last many years when we can tap into the knowledge of men-kind and find a suitable solution in a fraction of that time?

These are four tricks you need to know for a better shave:

1) Shave after your shower: Whether you are shaving your face, legs or bikini area, the hot water will soften your hair and open the follicles.

2) Slow and steady: A steady hand that moves at the right pace works marvels! By moving at the right pace the blade cuts each hair at the same angle, which could help avoiding razor bumps. By moving in a steady way you avoid cuts and nicks on the skin.

3) Use a shaving oil: Shaving oils are not new but have been in the market for a while. In the past couple of years their use has increased  significantly, to the point that now you can find them almost anywhere. Shaving oils add a slippery layer between the blade and your skin that makes the blade glide over your skin, giving you a close shave without harming your skin.

4) Lather: This may be a thing of the past, but shaving brushes are still on the market, and if you have the patience and the time, they could be your best allay on the fight against facial hair! How to use it is very simple: Run the brush under hot water to soften the bristles; apply your favorite shaving cream or gel; work into a lather on the areas of your face you want to shave; shave.

 Now that you know these tricks, there is still a question that needs answering: What do you do after you shave to reduce razor bumps and rash that could occur?

Luckily for you, you are reading this article, written by the experts at preventing and treating razor bumps and rash!

Bump Stopper-2 is the most popular treatment in the market, working its miracle for over 40 years! And there is a reason for that: Bump Stopper-2 works, every single time with no exception.

Apply it twice a day, once after shaving and once again in the evening and it'll take care of even the most stubborn bumps. 

For sensitive skin Bump Stopper Original is the best.

There is a line specifically formulated for Women: Lady Bump Stopper. It prevents and treats bumps and rash while inhibiting hair regrowth.

No matter what your personal shaving trick is, combined with the right treatment will give you a great shave and a pleasant after shave!


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