Her Bikini Area had Seen Better Times. Now it Looked Terrific!

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Her Bikini Area had Seen Better Times. Now it Looked Terrific!

Jessica, let's call her Jessica to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, had a problem: Her bikini area was in dire need of repair, and summer was in full swing.

Invitations to pool parties were constant, and she would decline each and every one of them invariably.

She had tried everything her friends, at least the handful of true, real friends she could trust and confide in, had suggested, nothing helped. She had tried her nana's home remedies, but none worked. She had tried a couple of expensive products she saw on TV with, again, poor results.

Fed up of being on the flop side, fearing her friends were going to resent her, tired of lying with every invitation, she gave up. She decided to let things go their natural course, even if it meant to have a solitary summer of confinement, instead of her usual active social life.

The first weekend every one of her friends went to the local pond for a dip, she stayed home, her secret safe, but as weekends became to pile on, she was growing dubious of the wisdom of her decision.

 Finally, on a beautiful, sunny, hot Saturday afternoon she realized that was not the life she wanted. Looking for a way to heal the skin of her bikini area, she decided to do some research online. This time, though, she would try and find scholarly journals, she would read articles from renowned specialists, she would consult only reputable websites.

(If you'd like to skip the reading and go straight to the answer, scroll down to the last paragraph. You should keep reading though...) 

She started by checking WebMd.com and searching for "chicken skin". There were few results on the website. The first result was "What is Keratosis Pilaris?

She read the definition: "Keratosis pilaris (KP) appears as "chicken skin bumps" on the skin. These bumps usually appear on the upper arms and thighs. They also can appear on the cheeks, back, and buttocks. Keratosis pilaris, while unattractive, is harmless." 

She was relieved to know that it was harmless.

There was another link right below that read "What are the symptoms of keratosis pilaris?" She clicked it and read: "This disorder appears as small, rough bumps. The bumps are usually white or red, but do not itch or hurt. Keratosis pilaris usually worsens during the winter months or other times of low humidity when skin becomes dry. It also may worsen during pregnancy or after childbirth."

This information was good to know, and reassuring, but did not solve her problem. She needed more, she wanted t get to the bottom of this problem and find a solution. NOW!

With this information in hand, Jessica decided to dig deeper and check other sources for ways to solve her problem. A quick Google search of Keratosis Pilaris yielded a list of resources, some of them worth looking into. The Mayo Clinic had a very detailed article about it, with pictures and illustrations.

All this research was getting Jessica nowhere closer to solving her problem, and it was giving her a headache. She decided to keep reading in the hope of finding a solution shortly.

During one of her routine searches, she discovered an amazing product, Bump Stopper, a line of treatments for ingrown hairs and other skin problems. They even had a line for women: Lady Bump Stopper. As advertised, this line of products was very effective at clearing up skin problems and recommended for Keratosis Pilaris (or Chicken Skin). Jessica could not reclaim any of those lost days of summer, but after a few days of treatment with Lady Bump Stopper, her chicken skin was healed and she regained her confidence.

Do your self a favor. Do your friends a favor. Use and recommend Bump Stopper and Lady Bump Stopper.

Curious to know more about Lady Bump Stopper? Check "What's in it, What's it good for? Lady Bump Stopper Night-Time" for a list of ingredients and how to use it.

Be yourself, show yourself!

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