History of Bump Stopper - A Quick Review.

History of Bump Stopper - A Quick Review.

Dr. Hillard set out to formulate what was going to be Bump Stopper-2, the best treatment for ingrown hairs, 45 years ago.

At the time he was looking for a solution to a series of problems that affect a large proportion of the African-American population: Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and shaving rash.

Later he would realize that those are problems that affect a large proportion of a bigger population: Men and women that shave!

He reformulated Bump Stopper-2 to make it more effective, created Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin for people with delicate and sensible skin and added Lady Bump Stopper Night Time for Women.

Some skeptics think it is a marketing gimmick, the same as the other products in a pink box, and more expensive because of the nice packaging.

They are wrong!

Lady Bump Stopper has been formulated especially for women, with their needs in mind. Lady Bump Stopper contains special ingredients that soften and moisturize the skin and a very important ingredient that slows down hair regrowth! 

This ingredient makes it possible to shave less often, minimizing the risk of new bumps or rash while using the extra time to heal the skin!

After all these years in the market Bump Stopper has proved time and time again to be The Most Effective treatment for Ingrown Hair and Razor Rash!

Lady Bump Stopper, its sister product line, is a favorite among women and is as effective as the men's line.

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