It Is Hard to Say Goodbye to Such Good Companions.

New Friends -

It Is Hard to Say Goodbye to Such Good Companions.

Sometimes relationships get to an end. Most of the time we are ok with it, but these are usually pivotal moments in our life.

It is hard to part ways with people. It is also hard when your favorite products disappear from the market.

Today we are saying goodbye to Lady Bump Stopper Night-Time, Liquid Lady Bump Stopper, and Liquid Bump Stopper Plus.

We are sad to let them go. We created these products and believed in them all these years. We saw them grow from an idea to a developed product. We saw Dr. Hillard work on their formulas, tweaking them to make them more effective until he found the perfect balance. We changed packaging, colors, sizes, and with every time we become closer, as close you can get to a product, your product.

In all these years we also saw people using them, people happy with the results, people whose lives had changed. A small change in the big scheme of things, but an important change for each one of the users!

That's why we are sad the most because we work hard to make your lives better, even if all we do is just helping you get rid of one ingrown hair in an area of your body nobody can see. That's our little secret. 

Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year, and it doesn't seem that we've seen it all yet. People are home, isolated, keeping social distancing. Many have lost their jobs, and our daily lives had been disrupted in ways that we are just realizing. And to top it off, we are losing Lady Bump Stopper and Liquid Bump Stopper Plus!

It doesn't look like a year we'll remember fondly... but it doesn't have to be all bad!

If you are one of the people who love Lady Bump Stopper Night-Time, we'd like to suggest you try Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin. For those of you that can't live without your Liquid Bump Stopper Plus, we'd like to recommend Bump Stopper-2.

We know you can't replace a product you love. After all these years, you came to think of it as you think of your friends and family!

These are not replacements, these are new friends, willing to help make your life better!


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