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My Name Is...

You said your piece, stated your preference, made your suggestion!

We listened to you, read your comments and suggestions.

There were many to chose from, all as good as the next.


There can only be one name for me! 

And that name is...


The Bump Crusher!


The person who suggested it is James H. and he is the receiver of 3 pieces of Bump Stopper-2!

The other suggestions are:

Halt bumper

Carroll Burnnett

U.B. Smooth

Bumpy Stopperson

Two Bit (?)

Smoothy McSmoothface


Sir Bump Alot

Billy Bob Bump Stopper

Super Smooth

Mr. De-Bump


Captain Smoove

B Stop - The Bump Stopper

Butter (?)

Liso (Spanish for Smooth)

Big Al

Mr. Incredible.


There are other 2 prizes of 1 piece of Bump Stopper-2 that go to:

Edward Hayes



Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of the participants!

The Bump Crusher.


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