Profiles: Dr. Stacey Naito - IFBB Bikini Pro

Profiles: Dr. Stacey Naito - IFBB Bikini Pro

We met with Dr. Stacey Naito at the NPC West Coast 2017 Event and we thought she was another bikini model waiting to compete. While talking with her we discovered that she was in fact a Physician, an  IFBB Bikini Pro, a Certified Nutrition Coach and a fitness trainer! 

 We were so smitten with her that decided to interview her for our blog.

Luckily she agreed and you can read her interview below and her list of achievements!


Stacey Naito
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 119 lbs.
Age: 51
Years training: 30

Stacey Naito looking great at the Bump Stopper Booth - NPC West Coast 2017


What was your first modeling job?

Department store catalog when I was 22 months old.

When did you compete?

I competed from July 2009 through June 2014 in the Bikini Division. I was an NPC athlete from 2009 until July 2013, when I was awarded IFBB Pro Status. I then competed as an IFBB Pro at four events before hanging up my competing hat.

Stacey Naito - Photograph by Imagezz


Contest Placing Highlights:

NPC Team Universe – July 2013

1st Place Masters 40+ Bikini B

Masters 40+ Bikini Overall Champion

1st Place Masters 35+ Bikini B

4th Place Open Bikini D

IFBB Professional Status

IFBB North American – August 2012

1st Place Masters Bikini C

7th Place Open Bikini C

NPC Pittsburgh – May 2012

1st Place Masters Bikini B

Masters Bikini Overall Champion

3rd Place Open Bikini C

 IFBB North American – September 2011

1st Place Open Bikini C

2nd Place Masters Bikini C

 NPC Masters Nationals – July 2011

1st Place Masters Bikini C

 NPC Team Universe – July 2011

1st Place Masters 45+ Bikini

8th Place Open Bikini D

11th Place Masters 35+ Bikini

 IFBB North American – September 2010

1st Place Masters Bikini C

3rd  Place Open Bikini C


Stacey Naito - Photograph by LHGFX

When prepping for a shoot, do you shave, wax or depilate?

When I prep for a shoot, I shave my legs and bikini line. I lasered my underarms many years ago (yes, I performed the treatments on myself), so I don’t have any hair growth there.

What is your training schedule?

I weight train 5 to 6 days per week, with three leg days and 2 to 3 upper body days. I also typically take aerial hoop classes a couple of days per week and kundalini yoga about one day per week.

What is your favorite muscle group to train?

I am obsessed with training delts and glutes, so I spend a lot of time training both body regions.

Do you perform cardio?

I have gotten to the point where I think cardio is a complete waste of time. That being said, I get plenty of cardiovascular exercise while performing aerial arts and kundalini yoga, both of which are quite intense.

How important is nutrition for you?

Nutrition is vital to me looking and feeling my best. I practice what I preach, eating whole foods, keeping my protein intake pretty high, and avoiding processed foods. I also drink close to a gallon of pure water daily.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Nothing is better to me than a stacked gourmet burger and an order of crispy French fries!

Are you an animal lover?

I adore animals of all kinds, and hope that if I ever become wealthy, I can establish an animal rescue haven somewhere. I have three wonderful cats at home, two of whom are so doglike that I joke about them being dogs trapped in cats’ bodies.

We saw some photos of you available for purchase on your website. Which one is the most popular?

All of my photos seems to sell at the same rate, but the White Tropics image, shot by Lee Hagen of LHGFX, is probably my favorite image in the bunch.  

Is it hard to be shoot ready all the time?

I don’t think it is difficult to be shoot ready, as long as a clean eating schedule is maintained the majority of the time. I don’t believe in crazy dieting right before a shoot, because that causes the thyroid to become sluggish.

What is your favorite current movie?

If I had to pick a favorite current movie, it would definitely be Guardians Of The Galaxy: vol 2. I love sci-fi and superhero flicks, especially if they are quirky.

Do you meditate?

I meditate every single day, and know that my regular practice keeps me balanced, grounded and happy. The benefits of meditation are so significant that I recommend it to my patients. There are some days when I am running around and may only have a couple of minutes to meditate, while on other days, I may sit for 30 minutes or more. I think it is very important to let go of thoughts, concerns, etc. and observe the spaces between thoughts, be in the moment, breathe, and let go.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Make sure to get enough experience in front of the lens with legitimate, professional photographers before booking gigs. Modeling can be VERY challenging! You need to know what angles and poses work best for you, you need to learn to convey moods through your eyes, overall facial expression, and body language, and you also need to be willing to take direction from the photographer and the client. Remember, modeling is a job, and you must be able to deliver the look the client wants.

Do you have any advice for bodybuilding competitors?

Above everything else, make sure to have fun throughout the journey, and not allow the world of competing to rob you of life balance. Contest prep can be quite demanding and grueling, and many competitors can get so caught up in that world that they lose perspective on their lives outside of competitive bodybuilding. Yes, winning is amazing, and getting a Pro Card is exhilarating, but family, friends, career, and your own health should never take a backseat to your quest for the trophies and titles.

Stacey Naito - Photograph by GaryMillerFoto


List your professional experience:

Licensed and Board-Certified (Family Practice) Physician

Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science

IFBB Bikini Pro

Certified Nutrition Coach

25 years experience as a fitness trainer and body transformation coach.


Thanks Stacey for a nice interview!

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