Story Time: What happened to Terrance, and what he learned.

Story Time: What happened to Terrance, and what he learned.

Today we bring to you the story of Terrance, a teenage boy and his friends, and their vicissitudes.

What happened to Terrance,
and what he learned.

            "I can’t go to the pool this weekend", said Walinda. The reason she would not go out with Terrance was that she had a bad case of ingrown hairs on her legs and bikini area and wouldn’t want to be exposed in front of him and the rest of the people coming to the pool party. 

            Robert couldn’t go either. Terrance had called to invite him but he said he was going to pass. He had to avoid the sun until the skin treatment he was undergoing was over.
            Terrance called Melisue and invited her. "I would go", she said, "only if the chicken skin heals", otherwise she’ll not go. Or, as she suggested, Terri could change his plans a bit and make it an indoor party, or just a party, with no pool.

            Being 17 was not as glamorous or easy as it should be, Terrance thought. There were so many little things that made it hard. And some of these little things had big effects on their lives: A poorly done wax could ruin a teenager’s prospect of having fun by the pool; an old blade could damage the skin of the face and it will take weeks to heal.

            Something has to be done about this, he thought. Putting thought into action he asked his father. His solution: Bump Stopper! It’s accompanied him since he was a teenager, never letting him down. He started shaving regularly when he was 16 and used Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin for the soft skin on his neck. Years later, with a thicker skin, he progressed to Bump Stopper-2, which took care of the most stubborn ingrown hairs on the napes and neck.
            He started shaving his head recently, choosing Bump Stopper Shaving Cream or Gel, depending on his mood, and Dare To Be Bald to keep his shaven scalp healthy and shining. 

            Terrance was impressed, he knew Bump Stopper worked: he’d never seen not even one ingrown hair on his dad’s face!

            Dad also told him something else: to go ask her mom about it. 

            Mom had some advice for him too. She was a fan of Lady Bump Stopper, not only because it prevented and treated ingrown hairs and shaving rash, but also because it slowed down the growth of the hair, making for less frequent shaving or waxing.
            It worked also on the bikini area, what really made Terrance a little uncomfortable to know, but it was good information he could mention to Walinda and Melisue, casually on their next conversation. And for himself, he would borrow some from dad to try and heal the shaving bumps on the base of his neck that appeared a while ago when he went to a new barbershop, and never went away. 
            Terrance went online and googled Bump Stopper to find their website. Then he sent a quick email to his friends asking if anybody knew anything about their products. He figured that would be a nice way to introduce Bump Stopper to his friends, male and female, without being intrusive. "How smooth," he thought with a chuckle.

            No doubt I’m growing up, he thought, I’m taking care of myself and my friends, for whom I care!

            He went to dad’s medicine cabinet and borrowed, the way only teenagers borrow from their parents, a Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin Jar and a Bump Stopper Shaving Gel tube to try them. He’ll put them back after he tried them.

            A week later his father was looking in the medicine cabinet like he’d lost something. Terrance ‘fessed up and told him how great the products were at treating his skin!
            He promised to go to the store and replace them right away. If only he could get ten dollars…

The characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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