Taking Care of Ourselves and the People We Love

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Taking Care of Ourselves and the People We Love

We usually write about the properties and benefits of our products, about different skincare regimens, and about how to take better care of our skin and ourselves. Today is nothing about products but all about taking care of ourselves and the ones we love.

A lot has been said and written, about whether we all should get the COVID-19 vaccine or not.

It is a matter of personal choice, some people say each of us should be free of making our own decision about it.

Other people think a little bit differently about it, in terms of conspiracies, some from the government, private companies, the tech industry or big pharma.

We are a company that produces dermatological products. Our founder, Dr. H. Phillips, is a chemist. We think in terms of data, information, and replicable evidence.

What does all this mean, you ask?

I’m glad you asked because it means a lot to us. It means that before making any decision we check our data. That’s what we do when formulating our products. We check, measure, and check again. We test, collect more data and test again until enough data is processed and organized into information. Then, and only then, is when we start thinking about the decision.

That is what we did when we were considering getting the COVID-19 vaccine or not, when we were deciding which one to get: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

The only problem with the scientific method is that it takes time, sometimes a very long time to gather all the data, process it, and analyze it.

Time is a luxury we don’t have in this case, because lives are on the line. Ours, our family’s, our friend’s, neighbor’s, and of those in our community.

That’s ok, because at this point, enough people have been vaccinated, and proof that the vaccines work is abundant. There are more unvaccinated people contracting COVID-19 and dying from it than vaccinated; and in those cases of breakthrough cases, the symptoms are just a mild inconvenience that is not going to kill you if you are vaccinated. All in all, vaccines work.

With that out of the way, the only other important aspect of the decision to consider is that of personal choice. We realized that we have made similar decisions in the past, and the approach we took for this matter was to compare with precedents.

One of the first similar cases that came to mind was not driving under the influence of alcohol. Some people don’t like the idea and believe they will do fine behind the wheel after a couple of drinks. Regardless of liking it or not, we all understand that my not drinking and driving protects me from causing a deadly accident but does not protect me from drink drivers. That’s why we have laws against it because there is nothing we can do to protect our lives if other people get behind the wheel drunk.

Another similar scenario is the TSA screening at the airport. Air travel has become routine for many Americans that travel for work or pleasure. We don’t even think about taking our shoes off, our belts, the contents of our pockets, our cell phone, and placing it in the tray for x-ray screening. We do it because we understand that it would only take one person to bring down a plane, with multiple casualties.

It is the same with the COVID-19 vaccine: if we all get vaccinated, then there’s no chance the virus could continue spreading, thus, the pandemic will be over sooner, and with fewer casualties.

When the majority of us are vaccinated, hospitals beds will be available for the unlucky ones that get breakthrough COVID-19.

When the majority of us are vaccinated, the virus won’t spread and mutate as easily, making it easier for doctors and scientists to develop better tools to fight this virus.

When the majority of us think of “us” instead of “me”, we all benefit.

If you haven’t got your vaccine, take a moment to think about it. You trust our products because you trust us, the people who make them. We got our vaccines.

Now it’s your turn.


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