The Camera May Add Ten Bumps, but You Can Look Great with These Tips!

The Camera May Add Ten Bumps, but You Can Look Great with These Tips!

Work and some university classes used to require videoconferencing. Now we added middle, high, and even elementary school!

This overabundance of video calls and conferences makes for interesting new dynamics in the home and brings forward new challenges: Not to walk on the background when daddy's in a meeting, not to talk too loud to interfere in the kids' school classes, and many others. Most importantly, how do we make sure we have the correct set up? How do we set the lights? What’s in the background? Is my microphone working properly? Why is my face dark, and my background so bright? Am I dressed correctly? Is my makeup making me look good on camera? Does my face look smooth in these conditions?

These are all valid questions. We may not have all the answers… but that’s why we rely on the advice of experts.

We’ve been in the business of making our lives better (yes, we use our products too!) since the seventies. Our products don’t just eliminate razor bumps or shaving rashes, they make our lives better by healing them! But when it comes to video conferences, there’s not much we can do to help... Or is there? We consulted with Alejo Cerrato, author of the book Online Meetings and Videoconferences – Look Like A Pro and Make the Most of Your Online Meetings, for advice, and he decided to share his book, for free, with our Bump Stopper family!

Alejo Cerrato is an experienced public speaker and a marketing consultant, helping executives with their video conference challenges. His book is a short, easy read (it'll only take you about an hour) that will answer most of your questions, and will up your video conferencing game for all situations.

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Make sure you grab your free copy and become the best-looking and most prepared person in your next Zoom meeting!

No worries, we've got you covered in all steps of life and navigating this new "normal".


The Bump Stopper Team


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