The Most Satisfying Feeling: An Independent Review!

The Most Satisfying Feeling: An Independent Review!

I love feeling the skin of my neck and cheeks after a good shave.

A really good shave, with hot towels, a brush, shaving cream, or gel, depending on the day, and a sharp straight razor can make my day so much better!

Another great feeling is when I know I just did something right! There is no comparable feeling to that, the certainty that I just knew it, and did it right!

It gets really powerful when you combine these feelings, enter: The Independent Product Review!

The independent product review is, in a nutshell, a review made by a person that used a product and, unbeknownst to us, the manufacturer of that product, posts it online for everybody to see it.

That combination gives us the chills! We love it when you, the user of the products we make, tell us and everybody how much you love our products, the difference it made in your life, gives us feedback of the good things and the ones you'd like changed.

There is also another reason we love these reviews so much: They provide for the opportunity to observe how others use Bump Stopper, how they apply it, how they include it in their shaving or waxing routines.

If you are still reading, I commend you on your power of focus! But keep reading because this is about to become very interesting!

Below are some of the video reviews we found online, they are all great!

Nate has a beard and no hair on his head. In his Youtube channel, he documented his journey from beardless to bearded, showing his routine and the products he uses, and how he uses them. He also talks about his bald scalp and his ways to keep it clean shaven and healthy.

You can watch his review of Bump Stopper-2 here. Don't forget to check his other videos, there is a lot of information in them!

Another great review worth watching is this one by BtheBarber. He is his own barber and created a Youtube channel just to document his progress.

As we can read in his About page "I wanted to create a channel to share my experience of being my own barber with all of you. I will continue to give you all tips and share reviews on products that I use." he's experimenting with different techniques and products, and giving us the scoop on them!

If what you are looking for is a tutorial for shaving your head, this is the video you need to watch! 

Forrester is traveling the world with his family, posting videos of the places they go and sometimes making tutorials like this video, which he describes "In this video, I'm providing a tutorial on how to shave your head bald using a double edge safety razor. I also show you the products and techniques that I use to shave that will prevent you from getting razor bumps."

Check his Youtube channel as he goes to interesting places and meets interesting people!

These videos are chockful of good, quality information about the best ways and products to have nice, healthy skin, with hair or without it!

Having people from around the world reviewing our products, telling everybody how good they are, gives us a thrill that is hard to express in words, but it's good, real good!

Do you have a video review you would like featured on our blog? Let us know in the comments section and we'll check it out, and if we like it (and what are the chances of not liking a good review?), we'll send some free Bump Stopper your way!

Do you have questions? Leave a comment and we'll get back to you!

Do you want a discount code? Leave us a comment, we'll see what we can do. ;)

Do you want to let us know how big an impact Bump Stopper had in your life? We'd love to hear your story, tell us in the comments section, there might be some free Bump Stopper going your way... Who knows!

Bottom line is that we love what we do, are proud of our products, and hearing from you is one of the most satisfying feelings there are!


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