The Real Reasons Men Don't Shave Often!

The Real Reasons Men Don't Shave Often!

Men with stubble have a particular appeal, but not every man can pull that look off.

Of the many challenges men face in this time and age, having a well groomed appearance is probably one of the hardest to achieve with consistency. As simple as it sounds at first, and as easier as it is when compared to that of the women, it's got some quirks that make it hard to achieve it. Shaving and being clean shaven daily is one of the most problematic aspects of a well groomed man's life.

To put my money where my mouth is, here is a list of the 3 most common obstacles to achieve the professional, clean shaven, well groomed look we need on our daily lives.

1) Exercise. Yes, you read that right. Exercise is one of the fiercest enemies of a well shaved face and neck. After shaving our pores and hair follicles are open and very sensitive. Sweating increases the chances of irritation and redness. Plan ahead and schedule your workouts BEFORE you shave.

2) Cold temperatures. The mighty winter and its cold make us wear more clothing in more places. Rubbing a wool turtleneck sweater on our recently shaved neck is not the best way to allow for the skin to go back to normal after a good, close shave. Some men wear a silk handkerchief around their necks to prevent friction. If you can't or won't wear one, you should try Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin - Original Formula. Apply it right after shaving and your skin will go back to normal real quick. It will also prevent ingrown hairs, irritation, rashes and redness. 

3) Ingrown Hairs. Some men have a tendency to develop ingrown hair, no matter what they do and how they shave. They've tried it all and nothing helped. The reason is that the hair does not grow at a 90 degree angle from the skin, but rather in any possible angle. When we shave we are cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible, and some of these hairs grow in an angle and with a curl that makes it easier for them to rub the skin, irritate it and become an ingrown hair, what is more commonly known as a Razor Bump.

Bump Stopper-2 Double Strength is the solution for the most stubborn cases of ingrown hair and razor bumps. It can be applied to the face, nape, neck and any part of the body where ingrown hairs occur.

As a rule of thumb you should check every time you have a bump, rash or irritated skin. We have a product for every problem and you can check the list of ingredients directly on the product's page. We have nothing to hide, and neither should you!


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