You Thought Being Bald was a Bad Thing? Think Again!

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You Thought Being Bald was a Bad Thing? Think Again!

There is a great thing about being bald!

What is it you ask?

The best thing about being bald is that you can use Dare to be Bald!

It shines, it soothes, and best of all it smooths the scalp of any individual that dares to be bald.

It turns out that baldness actually has its own benefits that not everybody knows about. Male baldness can actually slow down tumors that develop in the body because of the large quantities of testosterone present in the organism. Lack of testosterone is one of the causes of male baldness.

There are other benefits to being bald:

People remember your face.
A bald head brings attention to a man’s best features! It draws away from someone looking at your hair and focuses more on your best facial features.

You save money.
And don’t even forget about the amount of time and money saved because a bald head means less spending on beauty products! No need for any combs, shampoos, conditioners, or even any hairdresser appointments anymore, one Dare to be Bald application a day and you are good to go!

Dare to be Bald moisturizing scalp lotion is something that you could spend your money on.
We decided to reach out and hear from some big fans of the Dare to be Bald scalp lotion to see if it really does work wonders!

If you’ve been caught up with our blog, both of these individuals are actually good friends we met way back then at the 2017 NPC West Coast Classic, Danny (IG @dannysandlin), and Tom (IG @newonetom), where they got free samples. After trying Dare to be Bald for a few weeks, they became very fond of the product.
Here’s what we asked them!

What was your experience like with the Dare to be Bald lotion, did you like it? Did you not? And if you could please elaborate on either answer, please.

Tom: “I used it on my bald head, and I have to say it worked very well. I used it all up.”

Danny: “I like that it protects my scalp from the sun, provides the perfect amount of shine and stays shiny all day.”

How did you hear about the Dare to be Bald Moisturizing Scalp Lotion?

Tom: “I got it as a free sample from a local fitness convention.”

Danny: “I was googling ‘lotions for bald head’.”

Anything else you’d like to say about the Dare to be Bald Moisturizing Scalp Lotion?

Danny: “The first time I tried the one with Tea Tree Oil. I’ve tried cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, lotion, etc., but nothing comes close to this stuff right here. It leaves my head feeling super smooth and lookin’ extra shiny!”

Both Danny and Tom aren’t wrong, our Dare to be Bald does all of that and more. The Dare to be Bald is also designed to condition and clean your scalp against flaking and irritation. And don’t think it doesn’t do anything: if you shave your head, our Dare to be Bald actually alleviate the conditions that promote ingrown hair and razor bumps.

We were so pleased to hear that the answers were consistent with both individuals and loved to know that it was benefiting them in more ways that we could imagine! 
Thanks, Danny and Tom for giving credit to the Dare to be Bald Moisturizing Scalp Lotion from all the shine and smoothness you experience daily!

If you want to know more about the studies we got the information for this article from, check it here:


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