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Here are just a few testimonials from multiple satisfied users and providers. Our support range from every day users to highly respected physicians. 


Best Product for African-American

"Nice thick cream that easily reconstitute into another creamy leather when a small amount of water is applied. This product is definitely for the African-American as well as their gel. You will not find a better product specifically manufactured for the African American shaving. Besides regular shaving, both products are excellent for bald heads and finish with their Bald Head Cream."

T. Gardener
Bump Stopper Shaving Cream User



"I've been using Bump Stopper for over 15 years I've tried other things but this and a single edge blade keeps my face clear of ingrown hair bumps I remember before I used it years ago my face would be so sensitive to razors and I'd breakout with ingrown hair bumps all over my face and neck not anymore thanks to "high times" BUMP Stoppers-2 and single edge razors!"

 Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin User


Love it.

"I assume this product is primarily marketed to African-Americans. I am not African-American but decided to try it after seeing so many "shaving club" gels being advertised. I bought mine at a major drug store chain. I love it. Ultimately, I think I'll save money over regular canned shaving creams. I use a fingernail sized dab. The container has lasted a while. And after its empty the container is recyclable."

 Bump Stopper Shaving Gel User



"As a family physician and surgeon, I have, over the years, become very familiar with the problems which Black Americans face with regard to shaving and ingrown facial hairs. Your product, High Time Bump Stopper, has been used by my offices for the last 2 years as a recommendation for males with difficulties with shaving and Pseudofolliculitis barbae. As I have grown to use this product and recommend it to my patients, I have found that it is indeed, in my opinion, the most effective product on the market including those which have been used as prescription medications over the counter."

S. Sailes, M.D.
(Physician to the Stars)

Hollywood, California

"Bump Stopper and Bumper Stopper-2 Razor Bump Treatment are both outstanding products which work well on an individual using clippers. The products are outstanding for the control and management of PFB. They have a pleasant scent and do not burn or sting when applied (2-3 times a day). These products will sell well in the Base Exchange."

G.D. Henson
San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for sending samples of High Time Products to my office. I have used and recommended this product to a number of patients."

J.A. Klein, M.D.
(Renowned Dermatologist)

San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Thanks for creating such a product! I started using Bump Stopper (original formula/sensitive skin formula) about two weeks ago after finding it at my local grocery store. After using the product for only TWO DAYS, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the number and severity of razor bumps on my face. In a couple of more days, I was COMPLETELY BUMP FREE. Thanks High Time for such a wonderful product!"

F. Dukes
United States Naval Reserve

"I've had my fair share of shaving irritations. I was introduced to your product and tried after a shave. Believe it or not there has been a tremendous visible improvement in less than 6 months. Thank you for developing this excellent product that works."


"Just want to thank you for the great product, Bump Stopper. I have been using it for several years now and it's fantastic. It works great for Caucasians with sensitive Canadian skin. I recommend it to anyone suffering from any shaving related rashes or irritations."

John Kingston
Ontario, Canada

"I've tried other products that claim they can stop razor bumps with no success. However, while I was out shopping with my family, I noticed Bump Stopper-2 on the drug store shelf. I decided to give it a try, and 10 years later I'm still pleased with the magnificent results"

F.L. Frazier, Jr.

"I started using your products about three years ago. For years I always had a bad case of shaving bumps. I guess what I'm trying to say is that your product is the greatest shaving treatment I have ever used!"

P.E. Turner
Tinton Falls, New Jersey

"Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely recommend this product to any African American male with razor bump problems."

Ms. Harper

"Being a Black man with sensitive skin, this product has helped me alot."

B. McGee

"Thank you very much for your time and efforts, keeping me stocked and care free with this "Formula"."

K. Van Winkle
Alamogordo, New Mexico

"I have tried electolysis and several other treatments. I have even considered laser surgery to kill the hair follicles totally. It was your product that proved to be the most effective and cost efficient. Now, I use electric hair clippers followed by Bump Stopper Face Cream to solve all my shaving problems."

D.L. Williams

"I'm a two year patron of your product and, "It Works!" I use clippers to shave with and they help out pretty much. After all, appearance is everyone's first impression."

Sgt. K. Hume, Jr.

"Of everything I've done your bump stopper is the best thing on the market, and I have from the first week of using the product recommended it to all my friends religiously. While in the military I shaved up, down, sideways, in circles, using magic shave, clippers, and a cream that is normally used for removing hair before surgery, but that was a big mistake!!"

G.A. Winfield
Great Britain

"After using your product for the first time, I felt different in a few hours."

A. Clive
Saudi Arabia



"I have used razors occasionally, but I always will have razor bumps, some would get very large. So I went back to using a depilatory maximum strength, but it burns and dries out my skin. So I saw your product and wanted to try it. I believe I purchased the liquid bump stopper at Wal Mart or somewhere near Springfield, TN. I started using it December of 2009, as of February 18, 2010 I have no bumps or irritation since using it. I am very happy this product is working for me. I like the cooling sensation and the scent also, plus it does not stain my collars. Thank for your Liquid Bump Stopper Plus, I also told my son about it too!!"

James M.
Springfield, TN

"I'm writing this email as a personal note and testimonial for my husband who has been using the Bump Stopper product. My husband has suffered for years with in-grown hair and has used several different products, nothing has worked or even come close to working. Now that he has started using Bump Stopper his world has changed. He (we) can't believe the success he's having with the product (amazing results!). I want to thank you very much for a wonderful product and he (we) are definitely spreading the word. 3-26-10"

Diane F-H
Chicago, IL